Vincent Bruzzese

Over the past ten years Vincent has worked on over 1,000 films, impacting the development, execution, marketing or release of each one.

Vincent Bruzzese began his career as a university professor of statistics and sociology; however, he left academia to join MarketCast (owned by Variety-Cahners) to co-develop their movie tracking product (and prediction models), ushering in a new way of tracking the success of a marketing campaign in the industry. He went on to head up client service for the company, spearheading several new initiatives (all of which are still used today, particularly Strategic Positioning Assessments) and developing relationships with each studio. In late 2001 he joined the emerging marketing research and consulting company to start their entertainment division Worldwide Motion Picture Group, recognizing their vision for innovating both research and audience assessment.

During his nine years at MPG, Vincent has developed a worldwide tracking product, making him responsible for two of the three movie trackers in the industry. He also discovered new ways to assess the viability of potential projects or scripts, and has directly impacted the execution of many films through the screening process, authored new ways to craft analysis of creative material as well as advised on the best manner in which to not only communicate to but also reach the intended audience. He is also known as the foremost expert on box-office predictions in the industry today. Due to his work in these areas, his experience in understanding, interpreting and messaging to today’s moviegoers is almost unparalleled.

Vincent Bruzzese became CEO of Worldwide Motion Picture Group on April 1, 2013.


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