Script-to-ScreenComplete Support for Filmmakers from Concept to Release

We pioneered the script-to-screen consultative approach to working with screenwriters, producers and studios from start to finish. This service provides tremendous value for our clients. – Vincent Bruzzese, CEO, Worldwide Motion Picture Group

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Our services start from the inception of an idea and continue all the way up to the point where the audience exits the theater. We offer retainer consultancies where we behave as a member of your team by answering questions and testing the market to help you make the best choices for your film’s production and distribution.

We have discovered that this kind of strategic partnership provides our clients with various ways to figure out the best possible strategies for getting out their message. For the independent production company, these types of services provide the kind of information that used to be reserved primarily for the studios or those with a lot of $$.  Our recent focus on the independent film community aims to provide tools to help identify potential playability and marketability assets and issues.


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