Assessing audience reaction to a movie is an essential part of the filmmaking process; is the material having an impact on the most important group – moviegoers? – Alok Mishra, Worldwide Motion Picture Group

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Research Screenings

Research screenings evaluate how well a movie plays to an audience and provides you with a comprehensive view of moviegoer reactions before locking the picture.  These types of studies are also used as a sales tool in that, should a picture play well, the information can then be used to woo potential distributors with unbiased third-party data and analysis.

Important to understanding the “legs” of your film is how playable your movie is with an audience.  Within research screenings, all the different elements that make up a film (characters, scenes, pacing, ending, etc) are assessed and a rating is given by moviegoers.  As well, the audience gives an indication as to whether the movie is something they would tell others about and how soon after leaving the theater this would happen – measuring potential word-of-mouth.  Through our analysis, suggestions of changes/edits that can be made to the film (based on audience response) are addressed.

This process allows studio executives, producers and filmmakers the opportunity for an early peek at the reactions of the general public and is an invaluable tool for the completion of their film.

Having been in the business of test screenings for the past 10 years, we are a well-respected strategic research firm and a leader in the industry.

Independent Film eXchange (IFX)

IFX (Independent Film eXchange) is a product designed solely for the independent filmmaker. It is an opportunity to have an audience view your film at an affordable cost providing you with valuable feedback that would normally require more of an investment. We believe that it is important to foster quality filmmaking, even for those with limited budgets, and through this process we can guide those who have never conducted this type of research.  Often times, these types of screenings can be utilized to attain distribution. In order to qualify for participation in IFX, a film must be considered ultra-low budget with no studio affiliation or distribution deals in place.

Critical Focus eXchange (CFX)

Partnering with the public relations firm, mPRm, MPG has created Critical Focus eXchange (CFX), a service in which critics and film reporters offer their expertise by giving you an indication of how the movie would be received by this community.  This step would be ideal for the types of movies you are looking to acquire and release.

A CFX screening is a way to gauge critical response to a film before it’s released to the market. By inviting 8-12 industry-known critics, bloggers, and entertainment journalists to screen a movie our analysis will provide the filmmaker with valuable insight into potential reviews that may impact the decision-making process of the general moviegoing population to see the film in a theatre. The participants at this secure screening sign an embargo agreement which prevents them from making public any of their opinions prior to receiving written notification that they may do so.

By measuring the critical viability of the films, there is an opportunity for Filmmakers, Producers and Production Companies to supply potential buyers with and offer distributors evidence of a quality product. Other than playability, it gives independent, foreign, and more dramatic films another way to distinguish themselves within a crowded marketplace.

Publicity Screenings

MPG also conducts distributor/publicity screenings where audiences, recruited to the target demographic, sit alongside invited guests and allow for a viewing experience that replicates a post release environment.  These are typically conducted 1-2 weeks prior to the film’s theatrical opening.


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