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Marketability of a film is crucial in its success because you can have a movie that people like upon watching it, but if there aren’t marketable aspects, no one is going to see it opening weekend. – Kristen Simmons, Worldwide Motion Picture Group

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Positioning Studies

Every movie can have various “positionings,” each one communicating the film to moviegoers in a vastly different way. This study tests three distinctly different positionings of the film (in paragraph form), gauging which one is the most successful at generating enthusiasm and why.

  • Owing to the amount of material that needs to be produced early on in the process (one-sheets, long lead press and so on), we often incorporate a positioning study prior to testing trailers as the positioning study can be conducted as early as pre-production for the film.
  • The most successful “positioning” of the film is determined, using 400 respondents per each positioning statement, of which there are usually three. Furthermore, this type of study can determine what elements in the story (or combination of elements) cast the widest net of definite interest and produces the most urgency to see the film in the theater.
  • By combining the most successful elements to ultimately craft the most effective message for a film, you are able to finalize a strategic direction for the movie. This final position is then tested among 400 moviegoers and typically tests higher than all three of the original positioning statements, and becomes the guide for moving forward with developing campaign materials.
  • These studies can be conducted regardless of whether the source material is an original story, or based on a book, TV show, video game, etc.
Advertisement Testing

In order to assess the marketability of a film, the advertising must be tested.  Exposing the trailer/television commercial/print ads to a large number of moviegoers (we recommend at least 400 per piece of material) allows you to gauge the potential success of the advertising pieces as well as identify any areas that may need to be changed.

  • These studies are conducted at each stage in the development of the creative marketing campaign to help determine/identify the elements in the context of the specific medium that generate the greatest level of definite interest in seeing the movie among the most robust group of moviegoers.
  • This testing can also be used to gauge the relative strength of the content in generating interest (compared to an extensive normative database).
  • Included in the questionnaire design are probes for first impressions of stars/characters and performances, story/plot, settings and most importantly the reaction of the individual scenes as well as continuity (i.e., how well the scenes play/work together).
  • MPG’s experienced analytics team writes a detailed report which includes the results, conclusions and definitive recommendations for further action. The analysis will also take into consideration the type of movie that is being advertised and the inherent challenges with opening these films. Additionally, the analysis will utilize the benchmark levels achieved by similar movies (as opposed to only putting the results in the context of all films which include blockbuster, big-budget movies).


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