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Once the marketing for a film hits mainstream media, tracking can gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. After a movie opens, exit polls tell you exactly who saw the film and what they thought. Rich Fineza, Worldwide Motion Picture Group

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Once the advertising campaign begins, adjustments to your media spend must be made quickly and judiciously.  Movie tracking allows you to monitor the efficacy of your campaign and allows you to identify the areas that need attention, as well as giving you an early indication of what your opening weekend box-office potential could be.

Movie Dailies Overview

In 2002, MPG launched an industry-leading daily consumer tracking study, Movie Dailies, to measure awareness, interest and choice in U.S. theatrical releases. This product is used throughout the industry to plan and adjust marketing campaigns, as well as to gauge potential box-office success for each film.

  • Our Movie Dailies service has a weekly sample size of 1,500 moviegoers (300 per day) running five days a week. This is the largest sample size in the industry
  • Tracking begins four weeks before the opening of the movie
  • Traditional measures such as Awareness, Interest, and Choice are combined with newer measures developed by MPG which include Definite Interest Intensity (DII) and Title and Star Conversion (TSC)
  • Subscribers of Movie Dailies can use the survey as an omnibus for up to two questions weekly. Data are delivered Monday through Friday, with a stable rolling average
  • Accurate predictions for the weekend, within 15% of the actual box-office
  • Roughly half the annual cost of competitive trackers

Our unique MPG innovations provide additional value for our clients:

  • Definite Interest Intensity (DII) provides a more accurate level of measurement than standard dailies. Understanding that two films with identical levels of definite interest can perform differently at the box office, this measure strives to help accurately predict interest to ticket buying conversion.
  • Title and Star Conversion (TSC) provides a measure of “gut reaction” that gives an indication of the movie star or franchise power among those who haven’t been exposed to any media. We measure the response of people who are not aware of a film to report interest in seeing the movie based solely off their reaction to the title and stars.
International Film Tracking Overview

Like the U.S. tracker, Movie Dailies, MPG’s International Film Tracking service allows you to monitor the efficacy of your campaign and give you an early indication of what your opening weekend box-office potential could be across five territories – The UK, Germany, Japan, Australia and Russia.  Additionally, we have tracked films in China, France, India, Italy, Mexico, South Korea and Spain.

  • MPG’s International film tracking product has a weekly sample size of 1,200 moviegoers per territory (600 over the weekend and 600 mid-week)
  • Tracking begins to identify trends in awareness, interest and choice, four weeks before the opening of the movie
  • Data are delivered Tuesdays and Fridays, with a stable rolling average
  • Additionally, Parents and Kids tracking are available at a separate cost, with a stable rolling average from which to compare
  • Like Movie Dailies, subscribers of the International film tracker can use the survey as an omnibus for up to two questions weekly across any territory purchased
Exit Polls

Once the movie opens, Exit Polls will tell you how your target campaign performed by giving details as to the composition of your audience, which will help you adjust your second weekend spend.

  • These are self-administered short surveys handed out at a variety of theatres, determined by you, during opening weekend.
  • Before the beginning of the movie, attendees are told there is a questionnaire to fill out before exiting the theater in regards to their moviegoing experience.  Questionnaires are handed out beforehand and collected from members of the audience after the film ends.
  • Exit polling can answer the following and much more depending on your objective: Did the target audience attend? If not, who did? How and where did they hear about the movie? What did they think of the film? How would they recommend the movie (positively or negatively)? What is their buying/renting/streaming intention?


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