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Through our consultation, you have an opportunity to utilize MPG’s extensive and relevant experience in motion picture research and creative advisory services for strategic consulting on your theatrical releasing of movies – from script to screen. Our services start from the inception of an idea and continue all the way up to the point where the audience exits the theater. We offer retainer consultancies where we behave as a member of your team: answering questions and testing the market to help you make the best choices for your film’s production and distribution.

We have discovered that having this kind of strategic partnership with an unbiased market research company provides the studios the proof they need to move forward with a project and figure out their best strategies for getting out their message. For the independent production company, these types of services provide the kind of information that shows their potential investors that they are not only thinking about the art of film-making but also the business of show.



  • Case Studies

    MPG has been involved in research and consultation for blockbusters, award winners and independent films for over a decade.

  • Successes

    We have a reputation in the industry as a one of the leaders in motion picture market research and strategy.

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    Our clients are as diverse as major motion picture studios to award winning producers, to filmmakers that are new to the arena.

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Increasing your chances at success while utilizing your creative license.

Through a four-step process, we help screenwriters and studios understand the potential for success. We leverage over a decade of experience and our databases to help you answer questions such as: Should you make the movie? What can you expect from audiences? What will it take to be successful with marketing? In the end, such a process offers an increased chance at success or cautions the filmmaker about moving forward.

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