Vincent Bruzzese and Millennium Films’ Mark Gill Share the Secrets of Movie Market Research at the Producers Guild of America on March 17

You’ve heard the stories: The producer or director who lost control over final cut because their film didn’t hit a certain number in testing. The focus group of 10 people that took your project in a completely different direction. The great film that everyone said would open huge and wound up bombing. It’s almost impossible to spot these research-based pitfalls… unless you know what you’re looking for. In this unique, one-time only session, Vincent Bruzzese, President, IPSOS Worldwide Motion Picture Group, one of the industry’s most widely-used research and marketing consulting firms, pulls back the curtain on their research process.

       Get ready to learn the secrets that only the major studios and companies know, such as how research can be used to obtain financing or distribution, alter a film at the script stage to mitigate risk in choosing a project or save money on the back end, picking a release date, and determining the relative values of different titles or stars. Also find out what research should be doing as well as the reasons you sometimes get the wrong answers! Knowledge is power, and it’s time to arm yourself for the creative battles ahead. There will be an extensive Q&A session afterwards so come armed with the questions you always wanted answered but had no one to ask!


       Vincent Bruzzese, President, Worldwide Motion Picture Group at Ipsos MediaCT (formerly OTX)

       Mark Gill — President of Millennium Films

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